Other B2B Services

We understand the need of you wanting to have full control of your logistics channel and we have made a service available to help you be in full control at an affordable fee. The bikes, dispatch associates, Operation officer and Customer Service representative will be fully dedicated to your business. Want to know more?

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Our wide range coverage and easy route mapping is a great advantage of we been able to easily verify any location accross Nigeria within 24 - 72 hours in a fast and efficient way. We provide verifiable acknowledgement documents for easy follow up by you and your team members. A trial will convince you.

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Ready When You Are

Missing your customer's preferred delivery date is as disappointing as knocking on an empty door. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, we give you the benefit of scheduling delivery and pick up at your own convenience.


  • Fast and cost effective Delivery
  • Convenient and Suitable
  • Reliable and Dependable
  • Save, secured and Insured
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